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The space for ideas

In our office, we have everything you may need to work on projects, have some rest, and educate yourself
Ergonomics and the interior of a vast open-space create a great atmosphere for comfortable work and communication with the clients
A lot of space to live digital
people — capacity of our office. More than that of a Boeing-737
Excitement from a convenient product, anticipation of the result, and the bliss of positive feedback. These are the emotions that our office is drenched in, and it’s locations are named after them.


The kitchen
The perfect place to have a meal, charge up on caffeine, and just chat with your colleagues during a break
Apart from the lunch zone, there is also a kitchen that has anything you need

Cozy rooms to run conversations

A ball pond in conference room — why not?
Despite the catchy name, all the meetings here are conducted with patience and class
A vast conference hall for business meetings, meetups, and offline classes at the Chulakov School

Surprise. The UX lab

This is where we conduct user research of our products — including eye-tracking research


The gym
The place where our employees brainstorm ideas
Organize ping pong competitions
And can do live streams with the specialists

The office’s style is thought through and through. The facility stalls are no exception